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Eat Your Way To Spring Vitality

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, spring is a time of regeneration and new beginnings. This makes it an ideal time for cleansing and rejuvenation the overall body system. Spring is represented by the wood element (five elements theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine), which includes the liver and its complementary organ, the gallbladder. These two organs are in charge of regulating a smooth and soothing flow of energy (Qi) throughout the whole person (body, mind and spirti). So these are the two organs we aim to clean this springtime.

Spring Clean By Moving Your QI

In five-element theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Green is the color for spring and the nature of it will be Yang. So in spring, we normally recommend to EAT GREAN. Green is the color of the liver and springtime. Eating young plants - fresh, leafy greens, sprouts, and immature cereal grasses can improve the liver’s overall functions and aid the movement of Qi.

At the same time, TASTE SOUR. Foods and drinks with sour tastes are thought to stimulate the liver's qi. Put lemon slices in your drinking water, use vinegar and olive oil for your salad dressing. Garnish your sandwich with a slice of dill pickle. These are all beneficial tastes for creating optimal health in the season of spring.

ENJOY SOME MILK THISTLE TEA. Milk thistle helps protect liver cells from incoming toxins and encourages the liver to cleanse itself of damaging substances, such as alcohol, medications, pesticides, environmental toxins, and even heavy metals such as mercury.

If you are an ALLERGY SUFFERER, we strongly recommend avoiding mucus producing foods, such as dairy, wheat, sugar, and cold raw foods and taking a probiotic. This will help minimize allergic attacks and if you follow this advice for about 6 weeks, you will avoid the ill effects that accompany the allergy season. This will lead to a natural bloom throughout the summer months. This diet will clean out your lymphatic system and naturally calm down the immune system.

Of course, the simplest and easiest ways to ensure that your spring is budding is to go outside and enjoy it.


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