Pain, Stiffness & Inflammation
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Pain, Stiffness & Inflammation

Back Pain

Anne B. (Lower Back Pain)
Excellent service – Very caring approach and attention to detail. Great care and attention was given to my condition. Jing was very kind and helpful in ensuring all my needs were met. Massage was excellent and my back is much improved.

Vanessa C. (Back Pain)
Service very professional and carried out with deep knowledge. Immediate relief from very old injuries. The most professional practitioners I have been to in Ireland. They know their stuff and do it perfectly.

Morris H. (Back Pain)
After 12 weeks my back feels better – my hip is better. My weight has dropped by almost 2 stone and I feel 100% fitter.

Catherine K. (Back Ache and Stiffness)
Very good service, excellent work. Great Chinese massage made a difference to my back.

Morris K. (Back Pain)
Treatment made a difference. The general feeling Care Cure has given me has been a very positive one for my complaints.

Kieran Lambie (Back Pain)
Very impressed. Pain relief quiet good – so far excellent results.

Bernadette Mc (Back Pain)
I don’t really like needles and was very apprehensive about acupuncture. However Dr. Fan made me feel very relaxed and I hardly felt any pain at all. My symptoms have improved to almost 100%. I would recommend this treatment to all my family and friends.

Teresa M. ( Back & Neck Pain)
Instant relief for back and neck pain. I felt a genuine concern for my well-being and the sincere intent of the consultant to bring me from discomfort and a general improvement to my energy levels. Both ‘care’ and ‘cure’ are accurate descriptions of my treatments.

Noel Mc (Back Pain)
Very gentle relief of back pain, which appears to be permanent. Very restful for the mind and body.

General Pain

Christina S. (Joint Pain)
I had been suffering with dry joints for some years now and with Chinese herbs the pain has ceased.

Margaret Mc (Knee Pain)
Treatment very very good – knees much better.

Alan G. (Knee Stiffness and Joint Pain)
Excellent acupuncture treatments. My knee mobility has significantly improved and I look forward to a further course of treatments later in the year.

Tracey M. (Pain legs/hip)
Service excellent – well looked after. After treatment I was able to walk with very little pain. Staff extremely friendly and very professional.

Oliver O'C. (Muscle Pain)
Very good. Muscle pain treatment made great difference. Very good for overall health.

John B. (Stiff Neck and Shoulders)
I found the staff very friendly and helpful with treatment and advice. I found acupuncture helped a lot with my movements. I would recommend it very much.

Sonya S. (Neck Pain and Constant Headaches)
I had a neck injury for 8 years resulting in constant headaches. I had a few treatments of acupuncture and massage and I was amazed by the results. My headaches no longer trouble me as they did. I had been dubious about acupuncture but now I would recommend it to everyone.

Mel B. (Neck Stiffness and Shoulder Pain)
I found the sessions to be very beneficial to me physically and emotionally. I am sleeping better as a result and find them extremely relaxing. I am not feeling any pain at the moment and my body feels looser.

Fred D. (Neck Pain)
Felt well taken care of, save yourself paying GP visit plus drugs by coming here.

Lisa W. (Severe Ankle Pain)
The acupuncture treatments from Care Cure have been nothing short of miraculous. I can now walk pain-free. Truly amazing. Thank you very much.

Mr B. Mc. (Pain in Upper Arm)
At first my arm was very sore and I could not lift it very high. After 6 treatments my arm is much better and is nearly back to normal.

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