Anxiety & Depression
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Anxiety & Depression


Christina S. (Depression)
Since my husband’s death I have become very depressed and felt in despair. Dr. Fan has given me acupuncture and even by the next day I felt much more positive and as if I could cope with life again. Dr. Fan has also been teaching me Tai Chi, which has given me more energy and made me more flexible in my movements.

Anne G. (Depression)
Very relaxing service. Overall very calm therapeutic experience – they talk you through the process very gently and without judgement.

Christina D. (Anxiety)
Acupuncture has helped a lot with my mind and body balance. The doctor has a very gentle touch and that made me feel more comfortable and less afraid of needles. I am very pleased with the results and would consider coming back in the future.

Ella B. (Stress & Stomach Problems)
Found the treatments excellent. My stomach is much improved. Also my stress levels are very good after the treatments.

Katheryna Mc. (Stress)
Very happy. Staff personal and kind. Starting new course of treatment soon.


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