Open Day in Galway
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Open day! Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Galway, Saturday October 28 - November 25

Acupuncture is just one tool of Oriental Medicine, which represents an entire system of health and healing. 

Food therapy, herbal medicines and lifestyle and exercise therapy are also important considerations in oriental medicine. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to meet with our Chief TCM physician Dr.Zhou and experience a small taste of what Traditional Chinese Medicine has to offer. 

TCM can treat a wide range of conditions and is excellent for both preventative and curative health. 

Nothing to loose here and loads to gain so make the most of this great opportunity and we'll have a lovely cup of Pu'er tea waiting for you!

Please feel free to call us on 091539996 if you have any queries

Care Cure Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine

No.1 Rockfort House,

St. Augustine St,


(Just 2 minutes walk from shop street, directly opposite the city library)