About Us

At Care Cure Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Clinics we believe that healing illness involves treating the whole person rather than just the disease. For example every body has a natural set point from which it is able to heal itself. As practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) we aim to return your body to balance by stimulating and moving the flow of blood and essential Qi energy to each of your vital organs.

For this purpose we have set up a Free Consultation appointment to discover the root cause of your symptoms by first finding out about you and your body character. This is done by asking lots of questions about your main complaint and your general health, which includes such things as your sleep, appetite and perspiration. Having asked these questions, your practitioner will then carry out a physical examination of your tongue and pulse.

During these consultations, the uniqueness of each person is taken into account and great care is taken to provide treatments that are specific to individual patient needs. So don’t put up with illness, frustration or pain for one day more. Visit our clinic and experience for yourself our warm and therapeutic environment.

Remember you do not have to be sick to avail of our services. Greater energy, a soothing massage or facial acupuncture is a welcome treat for any Body anytime. 

So why not avail of a Free Consultation through online chat with a practitioner dedicated to your individual healing needs. Specialising in Treatments of Acupuncture, Acupressure, Chinese Massage, Reflexology, Cupping, Moxibustion, Ear Candles, Allergy Testing and Herbal Medicine.