Moxa (Mugwort) is an aromatic herb that has been used in Chinese medicine treatments for thousands of years. It is used in Moxibustion, a process where Mugwort leaves are gathered, dried, molded into varying shapes and then burned over Acu-points on the body to help stimulate and release energy. Moxibustion works on the same healing principles as other Chinese Medicine practices where the stimulation and release of trapped energy works to facilitate the body's innate and natural healing mechanisms.

Moxibustion is carried out by burning the dried moxa herb close to or on your body to warm and stimulate your vital Qi energy. It is the pungent odours as well as the warmth given off by the herb that provides its healing affect.

Moxibustion is used to:

Increase circulation

Alleviate pain

Re-balance body temperature


Turn babies in breech birth

Speed up the healing process

Boost immunity



Moxibustion can be used to warm you up or invigorate your energy by nourishing your Qi and blood. This herb is particularly effective for regulating body temperature during menopause, has recently shown in a trial at successfully turning 87% of breech births and is also used regularly in fertility treatments. Sessions typically last about 20 minutes and Moxibustion can be added in as a complimentary extra when combined with Acupuncture and Full Massage.

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