Acupuncture is less about needles and more about energy. The treatment is based on a theory of pathways called channels, which span the whole body. Flowing through these channels is Qi, (life force energy) Most of the body’s acupuncture points are lying like small whirlpools along these channels. When these channels become deficient or blocked, the organs are starved of vital Qi and if this continues over a long period of time it can result in a range health problems.

To encourage the body back to health, the acupuncturist stimulates these points with painless disposable needles. This will free the energy blockage and restore a natural flow of Qi to the organs. Because acupuncture is holistic, it treats the whole person body, mind and spirit not just the symptoms of disease.

Acupuncture is often combined with Acupressure for best results.

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