Endometriosis is a condition where the layer of tissue that normally covers the inside of the uterus  (the endometrium)  grows outside the uterus. It most commonly involves your ovaries, fallopian tubes and the tissue lining your pelvis. Endometriosis does not necessarily cause infertility but is more common in women who are experiencing infertility.

A range of symptoms are experienced with the condition most often in the time before, during or after your period. Common symptoms include:

Pelvic pain which can be severe during menstruation.

Painful bowel movements or urination


Excessive bleeding

Painful intercourse

Other Symptoms can include constipation, fatigue, nausea, bloating and diarrhea, often experienced during menstruation.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine endometriosis is considered a process of inhibited, stagnated uterine blood which doesn't flow freely. This is why women will often present with the symptoms above as well as poor digestion, circulation and blood stagnation.

'In TCM the kidney energy is responsible for many functions including human reproduction and development, manufacturing blood, creating healthy, shiny hair, along with the reproductive fluids of the vagina and penis. When the kidney energy is too weak to warm and circulate the blood, it will stagnate (Maciocia, 2011, 849)’ 

The liver channel  is responsible for moving blood through the body. If qi (energy) is obstructed over a period of time it can affect blood flow leading to stagnation. Acupuncture, Herbs and other Traditional Chinese Medicine methods of treatment can help to improve blood flow and circulation and reduce the build up of sediment.

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Researchers from Nanjing Traditional Chinese Medicine University and Haian Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital find acupuncture combined with herbs effective for the alleviation of endometriosis.

In a six month clinical trial two patient groups were compared.  One group received Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and herbs) and the other group received mifepristone (This is a synthetic steroid that inhibits progesterone action and is often  used for the treatment endometriosis

The Results
The total treatment effective rate for the acupuncture plus herbs group was 90.00%. Mifepristone produced an 86.67% total treatment effective rate. Acupuncture and herbs produced clinically equivalent results as that of mifepristone.