Energy Boost

When you lack energy, feel tired easily or feel exhausted with bouts of chronic fatigue it can affect all aspects of your life. It can manifest in a number of ways from lack of motivation, feeling unable to carry out basic daily tasks, feeling overwhelmed at the thought of anything that requires physical activity, or feeling run down and tired after what should have been a restful night’s sleep.

It can be caused by a range of factors both psychological and physical including anemia, diet, thyroid conditions, lack of sleep, lifestyle, depression and blood sugar levels. If you are recieving treatment for any of these yet are still experiencing symptoms of low energy it is worth having yourself diagnosed by a TCM professional.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine principles lack of energy and fatigue can be attributed to a number of potential causes. These include:

Energy (Qi) depletion.

With Qi defeciency it may be that the body lacks sufficient energy to preform various functions. As well as feeling low in energy someone who is deficient in Qi may have a weak pulse, pale tongue, a pale or placid complexion. Acupuncture combined with other TCM treatments are excellent way to improve and increase energy and energy flow in the body.

Blood depletion

With blood deficiency there is not enough blood to nourish tissues and organs. Acupuncture and TCM can increase blood flow and circulation allowing vital nutrients to nourish organs which improves energy and well being.

Liver energy stagnation

If there is a blockage in your liver channel it can affect your digestion. Proper digestive function is important to the health of the whole body. If there is a blockage in your liver your ability to convert food into energy is hampered. 

Too much dampness in the body

Dampness occurs because of climate, living in a place with high humidity levels, diet or because the body cannot metabolise fluids or moisture well. When dampness doesn't leave the body it clogs up and becomes phlegm. With too much dampness someone can feel heavy, like their body is weighing them down, have phlegm, sinus problems, reoccurring coughs and poor concentration

The stimulation of specific acupuncture points, which are located along meridians (energy channels) can clear blocked or restricted energy, increase energy flow as well as balance its flow and distribution. Stimulation also fosters increased blood flow which transports vital oxygen and nutrients to various organs which results in more energy. TCM treatments include acupuncture, acupressure (therapeutic Chinese massage), cupping and herbal medicine. They are effective treatments to strengthen the immune system, nourish the blood, promote elimination of toxins, increase lymph circulation, promote deep relaxation and boost vital energy.


At Care Cure we are used to treating people who come to us with low energy levels who have not been able to find a solution to their problem. In fact a boost in energy is often a well appreciated side effect of our treatments regardless of the condition people are having treated. We offer a Free Consultation and TCM diagnosis with our practitioners where you can discuss your concern and learn how our treatments may be able to help. For more information call us on 085 865 8818 or book an appointment below.