5 Chinese Medicine Tips

for Optimum Health

this Spring

Well, it’s finally here! At last we can uncurl our shoulders against the bitter winds and driving rain and breath in the fresh scent of Spring. Daffodils line the roadside, buds are starting to appear on branches and lambs are bouncing around the fields. And about time! It’s been a long winter, by anyone’s standards. The best thing about Spring with the bright mornings and longer evenings is that it makes you want to get outside, get active and enjoy the warmer brighter weather. And there’s no better way to enjoy it than in optimum health.

In Chinese Medicine the body is closely related to the seasons and when we understand how, it can reward us with good health.

Spring is associated with the liver and with detoxing the body. Following an inactive winter, energy in the body can become stagnant. The right type of food can help your liver to cleanse your body. Green leafy vegetables, particularly young plants help to cleanse and purify the body. asparagus, basil, broccoli, green beans, celery, citrus fruits, lettuce, kale and seaweed will help facilitate the liver by regulating Qi throughout the body. It’s best not to eat too late at night as this is the time when the liver goes to work cleansing the body.

Nature usually provides us with plants that benefit us for a corresponding season. You might have to fight off a few bees but dandelions are excellent for our health. They can be juiced, the leaves tossed into salads or brewed into a tea.



  • Source of vitamens

  • Great for the skin

  • contains minerals

  • Supports liver health

  • Helps to balance blood sugar

  • Excellent for de-tox

In Chinese medicine each emotion is associated with an organ in the body. The liver is the organ associated with anger. Spring is the time for releasing any resentment, anger or old grudges you are holding on to. Forgive, let go, meditate, shout, talk, whatever works to help you release negative emotions from your system is good for your health.


Get moving. Blood circulation is fundamental to good health.Stagnant Liver energy can hold you back in numerous ways affecting you physically mentally and emotionally. Movement of any kind, from basic stretches to fast paced walks will help to shake up stagnant energy and replace it with new vital life giving force.


Treat yourself to acupuncture or acupressure (therapeutic Chinese massage). Acupuncture and other traditional Chinese medicine treatments are an excellent way to move stagnant liver Qi. Great to de-tox, boost energy, improve the immune system, reduce stress and improve sleep.

This might sound obvious but dress warm. Spring is a time when people are often conned by the sunshine and easily caught unaware by a nippy wind, leaving them vulnerable to catching colds. Scarfs, keeping the neck and chest protected will help to protect the whole body.



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