Healthy Food for Autumn

Updated: Oct 7

Late Summer, early Autumn is a natural time of contraction. Evenings become shorter, the weather cools, trees shed their leaves and small animals gather the autumn bounty in preparation for the months of hibernation ahead. Although our modern lifestyles mean we have become separated from the natural cycles of nature, instinctively we feel the change from the expansive energetic nature of summer to the more contractive attributes of autumn. We start to spend more time indoors, cozy up and eat ‘warmer’ foods.

From a Chinese medicine perspective eating foods that are grown locally and correspond with the seasons is still the most natural and healthiest way to intake food. Chinese medicine focuses on the energetic properties of food and categorizes them by the actions they have on our body. When we help a system physically, we also help it energetically. By eating the right type of foods for the season we are helping to keep the natural dynamic flow of Qi (energy) in balance.

The five elements of Earth, Water, Metal, Fire and Wood