Quit Smoking with Acupuncture

Updated: Jan 27

Acupuncture is a renowned method of treatment for helping with smoking addiction. Smoking is a strong, complicated addiction. It includes the physical addiction to nicotine, the habit of smoking and the emotional attachment. When you make the decision to stop smoking you need the best tools to help you with both the physical and emotional symptoms.

It is estimated that most smokers will attempt to quit two or three times before finally kicking the habit. When conventional methods to quit smoking fail, smokers will look outside mainstream approaches and turn to alternative medicine. Acupuncture is a highly effective treatment to help quit smoking especially for those who had been unsuccessful with other methods in the past.

The most common withdrawal effects of quitting smoking include jitters, cravings, irritability, stress and restlessness. Acupuncture treatments take a holistic approach, meaning it takes all of your symptoms into account, and treats the root cause of the issues to bring your body back into balan