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Chuan Bei Pi Pa Gao 

Chuan Bei Pi Pa Gao: Chuan Bei Pi Pa Gao, a revered herbal remedy in traditional Chinese medicine, embodies the essence of respiratory wellness and throat comfort. This time-honored herbal syrup, meticulously crafted from botanical treasures, is designed to alleviate cough, clear phlegm, and nurture the lungs, offering solace to those battling respiratory discomfort and throat irritations.



Chuan Bei (Fritillaria Bulb): Known for its ability to clear heat and moisten the lungs, Chuan Bei acts as the core component. It soothes irritated throat, alleviates cough, and promotes clear breathing.


Pi Pa (Loquat Fruit): Calms cough, transforms phlegm, and relieves throat irritation. Pi Pa's natural demulcent properties provide a protective coating for the throat, reducing discomfort.


Zhe Bei Mu (Fritillaria Thunbergii): Clears heat, resolves phlegm, and supports lung health. Zhe Bei Mu aids in expectoration, facilitating the removal of excess phlegm from the respiratory tract.


Kun Bu (Brown Algae): Softens hardness, reduces phlegm, and eases cough. Kun Bu's gentle actions make it effective in promoting respiratory comfort without causing irritation.


Action and Effects: Chuan Bei Pi Pa Gao acts as a natural demulcent, soothing inflamed tissues in the throat and respiratory passages. It reduces cough, facilitates phlegm expulsion, and nurtures the lungs. By clearing heat and resolving phlegm, it promotes respiratory comfort and supports lung health, especially during seasons of respiratory challenges.


Soothing the Throat: This herbal syrup serves as a gentle healer for the throat and lungs. Its blend of soothing herbs alleviates irritation, reduces cough, and promotes clear breathing. By addressing the root causes of respiratory discomfort, Chuan Bei Pi Pa Gao offers a pathway to throat comfort and respiratory ease

Chuan Bei Pi Pa Gao / Sore Throat Syrup 川贝枇杷膏


CHUAN BEI MU - Bulbus Fritallaria Cirrhosa - 852mg; PI PA YE - Folium Eribotryae Japonicae - 195mg; NAN SHA SHEN - Radix Adenophorae - 27mg; FU LING - Poria cocos - 27mg; HUA JU HONG - Pericar. Citri Erythricarpae - 120mg; JIE GENG - Radix Platycodi - 72mg; BAN XIA (FA) - Rhizoma Pinelliae Preparae - 27mg; WU WEI ZI - Fructus Schisandrae chinensis - 5mg; GUA LOU ZI - Semen Trichosanthis - 27mg; KUAN DONG HUA - Flos Farfarae - 120mg; YUAN ZHI - Radix Polygalae - 120mg; KU XING REN - Semen Armeniacae Amarum - 21mg; GAN JIANG - Rhizoma Zingiberis - 27mg; GAN CAO - Radix Glycyrrhizae - 780mg; XING REN SHUI - Aqua Armeniacae - 213mg; BO HE NAO - Mentholum - 35mg; Honey - 3870mg

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