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Find Relief from Hemorrhoids with Di Yu Huai Jiao Wan: A Traditional Chinese Herbal Formula


Di Yu Huai Jiao Wan is a traditional Chinese herbal formula often used to treat conditions like internal hemorrhoids. The formula includes herbs like Pagoda Tree Pods (Huai Jiao), Saposhnikovia Roots (Fang Feng), and Baikal Skullcap Roots (Huang Qin).


Di Yu Huai Jiao Wan works by clearing heat from the intestines, stopping bleeding, dispersing wind, and regulating Qi. It also dissipates the wind, cools the blood, clears away heat and moistens dryness.



Di Yu Huai Jiao Wan is used to treat excess heat in the viscera or in the large intestine, hemorrhoids, anal fistula, constipation due to damp heat, anal swelling and pain, and other related conditions.


Try Di Yu Huai Jiao Wan today and experience the natural power of Chinese medicine for hemorrhoids and related conditions.

Di yu huai jiao wan / cure Internal hemorrhoids /地榆槐角丸

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