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This cream absolutely flies off the shelf and does so through word of mouth. It is excellent for all skin conditions, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, rashes, acne and more. It can reduce itching, it has a cooling effect and can dramatically improve a wide range of skin conditions. 


Ewa Illmann-Tomczak · 27 January 2018

My 2 years old son got treatment in Care Clinic and his eczema is completely gone. I was trying everything!!! And nothing help even antibiotic and steroids. I bought a lots of stuff in pharmacy. No results. He was very red and itchy. When I got cream huang pi fu after 3 hours I saw results!! Amazing!!!! Thank you so much ♥


Helen Cahill - 20 August 2018

I came to Care Cure to seek relief from a skin allergy on my hands. They were irritated and very itchy. I tried Huang Pi Fu cream and it cleared it up completely! Excellent! Thank you!


Miguel De Torre M. - February 11th 2019

I'm so happy with my skin treatment, they finished in one week and only use herbal cream and herbal pills. "Huang Pi Fu" it's a miracle cream.


Cristina Diaz-Pires S. - 15th February 2019

For me that cream is absolutely miraculous! Thank you Care Cure Center!


Alison Bannon -03 March 2019

I tried this on my chin which has had spots for about 3 months. They appeared for no apparent reason and wouldnt go away no matter what i tried. This cream has been incredible! It cleared up the spots in about three days and now my skin is back to normal. I'm so happy!



All natural ingredients.  


Cindll Fructus,

Phellodendri Chinensis Cortex

Smilacis Glabrae Rhizoma,

Pseudolaricis Cortex,

Dictamnt Cortex,

Kochiae Fructus,

Sophorae Flavaescentis Radix,

Llex Rotunda,

Moslacavalerie Levl,

Stemonae Radix,

Gleditsiae Spina

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Huang Pi Fu (Temporarily Out of Stock)

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