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Traditional Chinese medicine is about preventative care and the treatments are tools which enable the body to selfheal. The Immune system is the self-healing mechanism, which, when robust can prevent external pathogens like viruses from taking hold.If a pathogen enters the system it acts like a small army in defence of the health of the body. Chinese herbs have been used since the Yin & Shang Dynasties to help ward off viruses. Modern medical pharmacological research has shown that these aromatic herbs can inhibit the vitality of viruses and bacteria.

External – Herbal Sachets. Whereas a today we use chemical disinfectants, these herbal sachets act as a natural environmental disinfectant in the home.

At Care Cure, our Chinese medicine practitioners take the herbs in their original form and ground them into a fine powder. These are then placed inside sachets.

There are two types of herbal sachets:

1. For the home.

These are hung in the room and act as a natural anti-bacterial disinfectant.

(suitable around pregnant women)

2. For the body.

These are hung around your neck and are worn for short periods of time when you are out and about.

(not suitable for pregnant women)


Please note we use a number of different sachets so the picture above may not be completely representative of the sachet you receive.



qianghuo, dahuang, chaihu, cangzhu, xixin, wuzhuyu, six herbs go to six channels, taiyang, yangmin, shaoyang, taiyin, shaoyin, jueyin

Huato Sachets/ Chinese Herbal Sachet


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