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Find Relief for Your Upset Stomach with Wei Tai Ke Li Tea Granules

Are you suffering from an upset stomach, gastritis, or stomach ulcers? Wei Tai Ke Li Tea Granules is a well-known herbal remedy in China for treating these conditions and soothing an upset tummy.


Key Functions:

  • Stops stomach bleeding and reduces inflammation and pain in the stomach
  • Regulates the digestive system and keeps it in tune
  • Promotes the synthesis of protein in the stomach, inhibits and absorbs pepsin in the stomach, thus beneficial to the healing of stomach ulcers



The Benefits of Wei Tai Ke Li Tea Granules: Wei Tai Ke Li Tea Granules is an all-natural herbal remedy that can provide relief for a variety of stomach-related issues. By stopping stomach bleeding, reducing inflammation and pain, and regulating the digestive system, this formula can help you feel better and improve your overall digestive health.


Why Choose Wei Tai Ke Li Tea Granules? Our Wei Tai Ke Li Tea Granules is made from high-quality, all-natural herbs, carefully selected and blended to create a powerful and effective formula. With a long history of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wei Tai Ke Li Tea Granules has been trusted by countless individuals to help them improve their digestive health and maintain a balanced, harmonious body.


Versatile and Effective: Wei Tai Ke Li Tea Granules can be used to address a wide range of stomach-related issues, including:

Stomach ulcers Gastritis (inflamed stomach) Upset stomach

Dosage: Take orally. put 20g granule in a mug, add 100ml boiling hot water, dissolve accordingly, drink warm before meal 30mins. Twice or 3 times a day. 


Order Wei Tai Ke Li Tea Granules Today Take the first step toward finding relief for your upset stomach with Wei Tai Ke Li Tea Granules. Order yours today and discover the natural, effective solution you've been searching for.


Precaution: Women who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy should consult doctor or herbal practitioner. Food supplements are intended to supplement the diet and should not be regarded as a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.





Wei Tai Ke Li Tea Granules / Herbal Remedy for Upset Stomach /胃泰颗粒


Ingredients: Radix Scuteliartae, Poria, Radix Rehmanntiae, Radix Paeoniae Albe. Sugar.

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