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experience the benefits of Cupping THERAPY

Cupping is a very soothing treatment that can benefit the health of the whole body.

Cupping is one of TCM’s oldest and most traditional treatments. It is often used to heal swollen, painful or stiff joints and it can also be used to clear a head cold.


In the cupping procedure, heat (such as a flame) is used to suck the air out of a glass cup. This is then applied to the patient’s body on particular acupuncture points. The heat and suction encourage blood to the area. This helps increase blood circulation and reduce stagnation. During the procedure the practitioner will alleviate pressure within the jar. 

Cupping is particularly effective in improving blood circulation, performing deep tissue repair and treating areas of the body that have been affected by pain.

Cupping is often added in as a complimentary extra when combined with acupuncture and full Massage.


Things you need to know before your treatment

Cupping leaves red, circular marks on the treated area - which normally take around 10 days to fade, and could stick around for up to a month.

Cupping Colours

Knowing your body condition from cupping marks

This indicates the level of blood and Qi stagnation, toxin accumulation, or dampness accumulation in your body. The color and pattern of the marks reflect the level of stagnation in that area.

Cupping therapy is so popular among well known personalities and athletes.

Swimming legend Michael Phelps was leading the brigade of athletes proudly showing off their cupping marks at the Olympics.

Personalities and athletes including Conor Mcgregor, Victoria Beckham, Calum Best, Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, Jennifer Aniston, and Gwyneth Paltrow have all had the treatment in the past

What to expect after cupping

Many patients feel the benefits of cupping in as little as one treatment session. As with all therapies, there is a small risk of minor side effects from cupping therapy.

Bruising is most common with static cupping and most bruises disappear within 10 days.

Mild soreness in the areas where cupping is used.

Book a Cupping Treatment Today or Add it as a Complementary Extra with Other Treatments.

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