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Free Online Video Consultation

Online Health Consultation

We are now offering a new Online Video Consultation Service. This will enable you to talk with one of our Chinese medicine practitioners at a time and from a place that suits you best. This service is free of charge.


We offer this service through Zoom. Don't have a Zoom account? No worries you can sign up here

Once you have a Zoom account simply click the link below and make a booking.


We look forward to talking to you.

A little More about Our TCM Consultation

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) recognises that all symptoms have an underlying cause, and if this is not addressed only temporary alleviation of a condition will be experienced. A Chinese Medicine Practitioner will aim to find and treat the root cause of the problem in order to facilitate  long term healing.

The Tongue is an important diagnostic tools used in Chinese medicine. When Chinese medicine practitioners look at your tongue they observe its shape, size, color, and coating which are indicators of different states in the body. The tongue is representative of what is occurring internally regarding organ health, heat and cold, circulation and a number of other health related factors. It is often regarded as the ‘map’ of the body as its appearance changes with psychical changes in the body.

As Chinese Medicine takes a holistic approach to diagnosis, your lifestyle, emotional health, sleep, appetite, perspiration and a range of other factors will also be assessed for a thorough diagnosis of your health.

Once you have been assessed you will be advised on the most effective treatment for your condition and if you choose to go ahead with treatment, you will be regularly assessed throughout to note how your condition is progressing. 

Tongue Diagnosis

Please avail of of free confidential online video consultation 

We are here to help

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