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Ear Candeling

Modern ear candling methods use a hollow candle cone made from wax and cloth. Many people believe that ear candling is used to remove ear wax from the ear. Ear wax is present in the ear for a purpose and excess ear wax is brought out into the ear through a natural process of self cleaning. Sometimes though people do experience a hardening of ear wax or feel blockages in the ear canal area. 


Ear Candling is most commonly used to free clogged pores,  loosen hardened ear wax in the ear and stimulate blood circulation. It can also be beneficial for headaches and sinus.

ear candle dublin
What Happens during ear candling?

One of our practitioners will ask you to lie on your side on one of our massage beds. When you are nice and comfortable we will place the candle in your ear and light the end that is furthest away from you. We will stay with you throughout the procedure. For the next 20-25 minutes you can relax and listen to the crackling sound of burning candle. The practitioner will snip the top of the candle as it burns down.You will feel no pain, just a warm sensation around the area of the ear.  Most people describe feeling a soothing, cleansing and releasing effect around the ear area. We sometimes massage the lymphatic area depending on your condition.

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