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Relieve Hay Fever with Chinese Medicine
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Here are a couple of things you should know about hay fever in Ireland. Hay fever is mainly caused by grass pollen, which is blown by the wind. This pollen swirling around is great for plant growth but not too great for some of our bodies.  Other triggers for hay fever include:

dust mites
the weather
and more…

So an important aspect to consider is finding out what triggers your own reactions.  Hay fever is also known as seasonal allergic rhinitis. Hay fever is an inflammation or swelling of the nose lining and its symptoms include:

nasal discharge
itchy and watery eyes
a runny or blocked nose 
itchy ears, nose, and/or throat 

Once your body detects foreign particles in your system it naturally reacts. This occurs when pollen reaches the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract.  This reaction creates an immune response called histamines… and that’s when we start suffering those familiar symptoms. 


Chronologically we believe that as the pollen arrives, our discomfort level grows. To be honest, it’s a little embarrassing. Breaking news—the pollen is not the issue it’s the Immune system. Your immune system has the habit of reacting violently under pressure. One of the things you will begin to understand… that is after just one symptom reducing acupuncture treatment In most situations, we see an immediate, lasting response.


The real cause-effect issue lies when winter hits us and lays us out with our yearly cold and flu dose… just a few months back. Our busy lifestyles severely tax our health reserves. Our work, family, socializing and all our other activities, leave us exhausted. After the fatigue, illness, medication, overwork, etc… our immune system has very little left.


Acupuncture directly targets the site of the inflammation. It also strengthens the immune system, digestion, and lungs. We are now treating the cause and not just the symptom.

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Seasonal allergies and hay fever are actually triggered by imbalances or systematic deficiencies.  As discussed TCM sees hay fever and allergy rhinitis as an overreacted immune response from one’s body… … and the constitutional weaknesses of one or more organs below:

The Spleen
The Spleen system includes our digestive health. The ability to digest and absorb nutrients from our food. Spleen deficiency is one of the most common patterns that I see in the clinic among my hay fever patients.

The Lung
The combination of a weak lung and poor immunity leaves one unable to defend themselves. Constantly suffering from respiratory illnesses leaves the lung system weak. 

The Kidney
Kidney deficiency is very prominent, especially in modern society. Almost everyone is overworked and/or stressed out. In modern terms this can be understood as adrenal fatigue or ‘burn out’.

Herbal Medicine

Treatment With Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs

When treating hay fever with TCM, we use a combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbs. This is how we get control of the symptoms immediately… and prevent the allergic reaction from recurring.  Chinese medicine treatment is cumulative. It will reduce the symptom frequency and intensity over a course of treatments. Quality of life will improve…


you will start to experience:

better vitality 

better sleep 

better digestion-which means more energy

and more calmness and relaxation


Acupuncture is particularly effective for:

nasal passages congestion 

post-nasal drip

inflammation and swelling of the nasal passages

itchy nose and eye, etc


Most patients can get relief within the first session… and can be well under control within 10 sessions of acupuncture. Then only maintenance care for prevention of recurrence.  In just a few sessions, patients can reduce anti-histamines and corticosteroids. This of course depends on the severity of symptoms and state of health.

Chinese herbal medicine can address the underlying causes of one constitutional’s deficiencies.  These herbal formulas are customized for the individual. To achieve the best outcomes in the shortest time frame they can be tweaked on a weekly basis. No two hay fever patients are treated with the same strategy… tailored to the individual conditions and constitutional’s deficiencies.

Herbal Medicine

Looking For Treatment for Hay Fever From A Chartered TCM expert.

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