Acupuncture & TCM for Hormone Imbalance

Hormonal imbalance is an issue that affects many women and can be experienced as a range of symptoms including low energy, fatigue, anxiety, irritability, skin conditions, sweating, and unexplained weight gain.


These can be the result of natural occurring hormonal imbalances due to PMS or Menopause, but can also occur because of exposure to toxins, pollutants and synthetic chemicals. While occasional fluctuations of hormonal imbalance are normal, prolonged imbalance and its associated symptoms can not only be frustrating to live with, but can adversely affect the overall health of the body.


Hormones produced by the human body act as messengers which oversee a wide range of the bodys functions including sleep regulation, metabolism, body temperature, reproduction, emotional health, mental acuity, the immune system and energy levels.


Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) is a safe, effective and chemical free method of treatment that can help re-balance hormones and aid with the effects of Menopause, PMS, Infertility and other associated symptoms of hormone imbalance. One of the strengths of Acupuncture and TCM is that treatment is tailored to each individual.

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