Anshen Buxin Wan is a dark brown or sugar-coated pill used in Traditional Chinese medicine to "calm the spirit and tonify the heart". It acts as a sedative and has adaptogenic properties. It is used to nourish the heart and calm the nerves caused by "yin and blood deficiency'


It is one of the most reliable and effective Chinese herbal supplements to give you relief from occasional sleeplessness. By supporting the health of your heart, the inner ear and circulatory system, it is effective in relieving nervous tension and stress. It also is believed to be beneficial in supporting heart health.


Anshen Buxin Wan helps to calm your stress and tension and support your normal sleeping cycle. It is said to nourish the heart Yin and your blood, while it anchors the Liver Yang. It is thought that the rehmannia root in this formulation is effective in nourishing your heart’s blood and for reducing incidents of sleeplessness and supporting your heart health.

Anshen Buxin Wan


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