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Nourishes Kidney-Yin
Strengthens the sinews and bones
Tonifies Kidney-Essence and Kidney-Yang
Deficiency of the Kidney Yin and Yang, and weakness of the Essence.
Pain in the lower back
Premature ejaculation
Weakness of lower back
Weakness of the knees
Constipation (elderly people)
Frequent urination
Poor vision
Profuse sweating
Weak pulse (Ruo)


Cong rong bu shen wan / Men's Health / 苁蓉补肾丸


Cuscuta Chinensis Graine(TU SI ZI) 
Cistanche Salsa Tige (ROU CONG RONG) 
Rehmannia Glutinosa Racine (SHU DI DUANG) 

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