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Discover Men's Health Support with Cong Rong Bu Shen Wan


Cong Rong Bu Shen Wan is a traditional Chinese medicine formulation designed to nourish Kidney-Yin, strengthen the sinews and bones, and tonify Kidney-Essence and Kidney-Yang. This potent supplement addresses deficiencies in Kidney Yin and Yang, and weakness of the Essence, providing comprehensive support for men's health.


Why Choose Cong Rong Bu Shen Wan?


Kidney-Yin Nourishment: Cong Rong Bu Shen Wan is specifically formulated to nourish Kidney-Yin, promoting optimal function and overall health.


Sinew and Bone Strengthening: This powerful supplement works to strengthen the sinews and bones, supporting musculoskeletal health and resilience.


Kidney-Essence and Kidney-Yang Tonification: Cong Rong Bu Shen Wan helps to tonify Kidney-Essence and Kidney-Yang, addressing deficiencies and promoting overall vitality.


Comprehensive Men's Health Support: This formula addresses a range of men's health concerns, including impotence, pain in the lower back, premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea, weakness of the lower back and knees, constipation (particularly in elderly people), frequent urination, poor vision, profuse sweating, and weak pulse (Ruo).


Experience the comprehensive men's health support of Cong Rong Bu Shen Wan. Choose this traditional Chinese medicine formulation for a holistic approach to wellness.

Cong rong bu shen wan / Men's Health / 苁蓉补肾丸


Cuscuta Chinensis Graine(TU SI ZI) 
Cistanche Salsa Tige (ROU CONG RONG) 
Rehmannia Glutinosa Racine (SHU DI DUANG) 

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