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Experience the Power of Chinese Herbal Medicine in a Convenient Form:


Granulated herbs are a modern method of taking Chinese herbal medicine. The herbs are first decocted to extract their active ingredients, providing a convenient way to experience the power of Chinese herbal medicine.


At Care Cure Clinic, we create a unique granule herbal formula for each patient, tailored to their specific needs. As their condition changes, we modify the formula to ensure optimal results.


While not as powerful as taking a raw herb decoction, granulated herbs offer a convenient and effective way to experience the benefits of Chinese herbal medicine.


Try granulated herbs today and discover the natural power of Chinese medicine in a convenient form.

Custom Herbal Granule Formula


Place your granules in the glass.
Add a little bit of boiling water.
Stir with a metal spoon (plastic and hot water shouldn’t mix). It will become a thick paste.
Add some room temperature water.
Drink and ‘enjoy’.

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