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Dai Cha Yin / TCM Medicated Herbal Tea is a Traditional Chinese Treatment Method. It can boost immunity and adjust body function. Also, it is especially suitable for treating chronic diseases.


For many diseases and syndromes, long-term use of medicated herbal tea can result in a more consolidated effect and a longer-lasting effect.


In Care Cure Clinics, each custom herbal tea formula is uniquely tailored by our professional TCM herbalist to internal your special landscape. It is made from food-based herbs, healthy and safe.


This herbal tea is specifically designed to suit your unique body constitution and address your current ailments. All ingredients are food-grade herbs and do not conflict with any other medication you may be taking. To prepare, put one herbal pack into a teacup, pour hot water and let it steep. Each pack of herbs can be brewed repeatedly, and you can consume one pack per day, either before or after meals. Or pour the herbs into the pot, boil with 1Liter water. Drink during the day. 


Please consult with our herbalist before purchase.

Dai Cha Yin / Custom TCM Herbal Tea for Wellbeing / Immunity 10bags

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