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Electronic Acupuncture Treatment Device - SDZ-II Nerve and Muscle Stimulator


1. Simulate the acupuncture massage for relaxing and activating the body to achieve therapeutic effect.
2. Six kinds of output, pulse waveform.
3. Can be connected to the battery.
4. Electrode patch, connected to the connecting wire.

5. Cooling holes to prevent the host temperature is too high.
Package includes:

1 x Electronic Acupuncture Treatment Instrument
2 x Needle Electrode Metal Clip
6 x Skin Electrode
6 x Output Electrode Line
2 x Power Cable
(With US plug,distribute the adapter according to your country)

1. Insert one end of the output wire into the main unit.
2. Connect the other end of the output wire to the skin electrode or the pin electrode metal clip.
3. Remove the release sheet from the skin electrode.
4. Place the electrode patch in the area where the treatment is needed.
5. Connect the power to the switch.(Turn all knobs back to zero before turning on the switch)
6. Select the Wave button.
7. Adjust the frequency adjustment button as needed.
8. Adjust the pulse strength of the corresponding output port.
9. The knob timer selects the appropriate working time.(Close the instrument after treatment to reset all the buttons to zero)


Electronic Acupuncture Treatment Instrument - SDZ-II Nerve and Muscle Stimulator

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