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Fuke Qianjin Tablets: The Best Selling Herbal Medicine for Women's Reproductive Health


Fuke Qianjin Tablets are a popular herbal medicine used for treating Leukorrhagia, abdominal pain, Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, endometritis, and chronic cervicitis.




Fuke Qianjin Tablets are known for clearing away heat and dispelling dampness, reinforcing Qi and removing blood stasis. They are effective for diseases caused by damp-heat and stases, such as vaginal discharge diseases and abdominal pain.


Fuke Qianjin Tablets are particularly beneficial for women with chronic pelvic inflammatory and, endometritis, chronic cervicitis. The syndromes include: leucorrhea over discharging, yellow color and thick and stink quality, lower back pain, fatigue, and weakness.


Try Fuke Qianjin Tablets today and experience the natural power of Chinese medicine for women's reproductive health.



Adrographis paniculata (Chuan Xin Lian)

Mahonia bealei stem (Gong Lao Mu)

Zanthoxylum dissitum root (Dan Mian Zhen)

Angelica sinensis root (Dang Gui)

Spatholobus suberectus stem (Ji Xue Teng)

Codonopsis pilosula root (Dang Shen)

Fu Ke Qian Jin Pian / Leukorrhagia, abdominal pain 妇科千金片


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