For soreness and weakness of waist and knees,limbs cold,urinary frequency,phlegm and retained fluid with cough and asthma. Also be used for chronic bronchial asthma,chronic bronchitis,bronchial asthma,asthmatic syndrome,neurasthenia, chronic urinary tract infection,chronic glomerulonephritis, prostatic hypertrophy,edema,cataract,chronic low back pain,and senile vagina Inflammation,diabetes,senile urinary incontinence,infertility and other diseases due to kidney yang deficiency,it hastherapeutic and symptomatic effects for above disease.

Gui Fu Di Huang Wan

  • Cassia Bark,Aconite Processed,Prepared Rehmannia Root,Asiatic Cornelian Cherry Fruit,Tree peony Bark,Common Yam Rhizome,Indian Bread,Oriental water plantain Rhizome,Accessories for honey.

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