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Jia Wei Gan Mai Da Zao Tang is a potent herbal formula that builds upon the benefits of the original Gan Mai Da Zao Tang to effectively address anxiety and depression accompanied by feelings of restlessness, insomnia, and nervousness.


By incorporating additional herbs, this formula works synergistically to restore emotional balance and tranquility, offering relief from restlessness and promoting a more peaceful state of mind.



To be taken orally with warm water.

5g / time

2times / day

Jia Wei Gan Mai Da Zao Herbal Tea Granules / Anti-Depression加味甘麦大枣颗粒


Chinese licorice root    (Glycyrrhiza uralensis)    (Gan Cao)
Wheat grain    (Triticum aestivum)    (Xiao Mai)
Jujube fruit    (Ziziphus jujuba)    (Da Zao)
Turmeric root    (Curcuma longa)    (Yu Jin)
Polygala root    (Polygala tenuifolia)    (Yuan Zhi)
Grass-leaf sweetflag rhizome    (Acorus gramineus)    (Shi Chang Pu)

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