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Discover Comprehensive Allergy and Intolerance Testing for Optimal Health.


Our allergy and intolerance tests offer a comprehensive analysis of your body's reactions to a wide range of items, including food, drinks, additives, environmental allergens, cosmetics, and detergents. With options for testing up to 110 items or 975 items, plus additional health analyses, our tests provide valuable insights into your body's unique needs and sensitivities.


Why Choose Our Allergy and Intolerance Tests?


Comprehensive Analysis: Our tests analyse your body's reactions to a wide range of items, providing a comprehensive understanding of your sensitivities and intolerances.


Additional Health Analyses: In addition to allergy and intolerance testing, our 179EURO test includes analyses for nutritional deficiencies, metals toxicity, gut biome, hormone imbalance, and digestive health and metabolism.


Personalized Recommendations: Based on your test results, we provide personalised recommendations for supplements that may benefit your health.


Suitable for All Ages: Our tests are suitable for both children and adults.


Convenient Home Testing: Our allergy tests can be conveniently done at home. Simply purchase your test, complete the basic form, take a hair sample, and post it to our address. Results are typically available within 10-14 working days.


Free Consultation: Once your test results are complete, we offer a free consultation with our practitioners to discuss your results and provide personalized recommendations.


Experience comprehensive allergy and intolerance testing for optimal health. Choose our tests for a holistic approach to understanding your body's unique needs and sensitivities. Contact us at 0858658818 with any queries.

Online Allergy Testing

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