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Relieve Back & Shoulder Pain with Chinese Medicine


The Causes of Back & Shoulder Pain According to Traditional Chinese Medicine:


Stagnation of Qi and Blood – this is caused by contusions, sprains, or other trauma to the lumbar region leading to meridian Qi and Blood stasis.

Exposure to Cold-Damp – this refers to environmental exposure to cold and damp places or living conditions, over a prolonged period of time, leading to an accumulation of these qualities with the body. The result is a blockage or impaired circulation of qi and blood through the meridians from pathogenic cold-damp.

Exposure to Heat-Damp – this occurs from environmental exposure to damp-heat or the accumulation of heat-damp internally, causing blockage of the meridians.

Poor Diet & Lifestyle – often consisting of eating raw, sweet, and fatty foods, bad posture, lack of exercise, which increase the damp quality of the body.

Treatment With Acupuncture, Cupping and Chinese Herbs

Western medical treatment of the pain often involves taking anti-inflammatory medication; bed rest; cold or hot pack to the sore area; physiotherapy exercises, osmotherapy, chiropractic adjustments.


Chinese medicine treatment involves acupuncture, acupressure, cupping and may include taking Chinese herbal medicines.


TCM can alleviate the symptoms by:

Significantly reducing the pain
Promote the healing process
Relax muscles thus increase the range of motion
Reduce the need for medication
Improve the quality of life

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How does acupuncture & TCM help pain management?

Regulates pain pathways
Stimulates neural activity to desensitize pain signals

Releases endorphins
Stimulates the nervous system to release the body’s natural pain-relieving chemicals

Improves circulation
Increases blood flow to rehabilitate muscles, joints, ligaments, bones, and nerves