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Men's Health

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Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has been around for thousands of years, it’s an incredible system to treat many conditions and can be useful for men, women, and the entire family.  

There are many conditions that are more prevalent in men than women and can be efficiently treated with a course of treatment in TCM.

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In general, TCM helps men with:

lowering high blood pressure,

improving athletic performance,

recovery from injuries,

decreasing pain,

improving sexual vitality and performance,

bettering of urinary and digestive issues,

deeper and better sleep,

and lastly helping with prostatitis.

Acupuncture has been known to be very beneficial in lowering blood pressure, which, in turn, helps prevent heart conditions. 


Men will often get acupuncture as a means to avoid taking blood pressure medications to avoid erectile dysfunction, a common side effect of blood pressure medication.


Additionally, acupuncture encourages the release of natural endorphins in the body, which decreases the heart’s activity and lowers the need for additional oxygen.

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Many popular athletes have been vocal about believing in TCM & acupuncture.

One of the mechanisms of TCM is to bring fresh blood and qi (energy or life force) to the injured area which can speed up the healing. If you were injured. After seeking medical help for the injury, getting acupuncture will help you for a speedy recovery.

TCM can also effectively boost sexual vitality and performance, which is definitely not an easy subject for men to talk about but is one that weighs heavily on their minds.


The problems can be caused by conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, medications, stress, or emotional issues. Many patients seek acupuncture as a means to prevent or stop this condition from happening.


At the same time, the treatment can help increase arousal, stamina, and increase sperm quality, quantity, and motility, in turn, helping with fertility issues.

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In Care Cure Clinic, our 100% natural process has given countless patients relief by improving performance, enhancing vitality, recovering from injuries.   


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