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Self-massage 1: Course the Liver and Rectify Qi

Do you sometimes find that once you get angry, the liver area is painful and uncomfortable? In severe cases, there may be shaking hands. What is the reason? How should it be solved? This phenomenon is the most typical liver-qi stagnation reaction.

The weakest part to have stagnation on liver channel is the flank area. When a person is angry, and the liver meridian is blocked. Qi stagnation often occurs in the flank area. It is manifested as rib pain and discomfort.

Hand tremor or hand shaking are reactions to injury to the liver and blood. In our daily life, when someone is angry, we usually describe this state into the words like: look, how angry he is, even his hands are trembling...

Why is it easy to appear to be trembling hands when angry? In TCM theories, the liver governs the tendons and stores blood. If the liver is hurt, then the tendons and blood. Liver blood deficiency, blood cannot nourish muscles. Then it will show with trembling and shaking hands. In Chinese medicine, it is called blood deficiency to generate wind, liver wind internally move is like the wind blowing. The branches and leaves are fluttering back and forth.

How to solve flank pain?

Usually you should insist on doing chest rubbing. When the flanks are unwell, it is necessary to strengthen the rubbing of chest and ribs. Do it for a few minutes generally. But do at least more than 10 minutes when the symptoms are obvious. Just keep doing it, it will become lighter and lighter before you know it.

People with trembling hands, the main points are Quchi and Fengchi. Quchi point nourishes blood and nourish liver. It will stop the wind and stop the tremor at Fengchi point. Twice a day, knead each point for one minute at a time.





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