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Spring and Chinese Medicine

Spring brings with it a sense of renewal, energy and inspiration. Light will start to outweigh the darkness, expansiveness replaces the introspective nature of winter and new life blossoms in a myriad of new expressions. We experience this natural change with a renewed sense of energy, increased activity and a willingness to try new things. Having a healthy body, mind and emotional sense of well being will help us to naturally feel the flow of renewal at this time of year.

In Chinese medicine spring is associated with the Liver (yang)) and the gallbladder (yin).

The liver is the body’s largest organ and has numerous essential functions within the body including the formation of blood and cleansing and filtering the blood to help remove the toxins from the body. When the liver is functioning smoothly it is expressed in both physical and emotional well being. It is also the organ most affected by stagnant emotions and stress. Liver stagnation or an overactive liver can cause emotional build up such as anger, depression, frustration, irritability, an inability to forgive and resentment. Physical symptoms can include digestive disorders, shoulder and neck tension and headaches. The Gallbladder is a small organ that stores and intensifies the bile that was created in the liver, and directs it into the body and bowel as needed.

We can support the Liver and Gallbladder by detoxing, eating fresh organic seasonal foods, exercising to improve blood circulation and protecting ourselves against springtime colds. If you are feeling overburdened acupuncture and Chinese medicine can greatly assist the detoxification process, help improve immunity, strengthen the function of the liver and gallbladder and harmonise and re-balance the entire body.

Chinese Medicine can help detoxify the body

Lots of seasonal leafy greens

Some foods that are particularly beneficial at this time of year due to their purifying qualities are lots of leafy greens, watercress, dandelion, lettuce and sprouts. In fact all seasonal vegetables and fruits will help flood the body with essential nutrients and vitality. Sour foods like lemon and apple cider vinegar are excellent for moving bile and aiding the gallbladder function. A healthy liver/gallbladder can help improve repressed emotions, anxiety and procrastination.

As Spring is a time of new beginnings a healthy and harmonised physical body can result in changes in assertiveness, inspiration, improved temperament and joy.

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