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Bao Ji Wan is a traditional Chinese medicine product made from several herbs formed into tiny spherical pills about 4 mm in diameter resembling buckshot. It is used as a remedy for the relief of indigestion, heartburn, vomiting, diarrhea, and bloating. It can also be used as a hangover prevention remedy.

Bao Ji Wan (Po Chai Pills) / Stomach problem, hangover prevention remedy


Polyporus (Fu-Ling) Sclerotium; Southern Tsangshu (Cang_Zhu) Rhizome; Patchouly (Huo-Xiang) herb; Fragrant Angelica (Angelica anomala Lallem.) (Vai-Zhi) Root; Kudzu (Ge-Gen) root; Magnolia (Hou-Po) root bark; Massa Fermentata (fermented mix of wheat flour, sweet annie aerial parts, cocklebur (xantium sibiricum part. Ex Widd.) aerial parts, and Smartweed (polygonum hydropiper L.) aerial parts (Shen-Chu); Job's Tears (Yi-yi Ren) Seed; Germinated Rice (Orzya sativa L) (Gu-Ya) seed; Field Mint (Menta halpocalyx Briq) (Bo-He) herb; Mum (Ju-Hua) flower; Red Citrus (citrus grandis osbeck.) (Chu-Hung) Peel; Halloysitum I minera; Rhizoma Atrach root; Oryzae Satiae/sprout; Herba menthae leaves; Selerotrum Porifungal; Radix Puepariae root; Herba Agastaches S leaves; Excarpium Citri/tangerined red part; Cortex magnoliae O. bark; Masse Fermentata Neaven leaves

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