Fei Yan is an award winning Herbal Weight Loss tea.


This is one of our biggest sellers and for good reason. These fly off the shelves in our clinic and a lot of the sales are returning customers who have found the tea to be very effective.


Feiyan tea is a fast and effective way to aid the weight loss process. It is one of the UK's best selling herbal weight loss teas.


  • Fei Yan  aids weight loss by controlling and reducing the body's blood fat and cholesterol levels.
  • It aids metabolism to help increase the burning of calories and improve digestion and elimination.
  • Fei Yan tea is an infusion prepared from 100% natural medicinal plants which contain effective components for anti-Hyperlipemia and reducing fat accumulation.
  • It is also effective at reducing bloating and combating food cravings.


Each box contains 40 tea bags.

One tea bag can be used two to three times a day. 

Caution: not suitable for pregnant women. 

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Feiyan Slimming Tea

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