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Fu Fang Dan Shen Pian (复方丹参片) is a renowned Chinese herbal formula used in China to support heart and cardiovascular health.


It is primarily used to activate blood circulation and eliminate blood stasis for cases of oppressed feeling in chest due to coronary heart disease, and angina pectoris.In traditional Chinese medicine, danshen has been used to prevent and treat heart conditions and strokes. One of the "Blood Moving" herbs used by ancient Chinese physicians to make blood flow more freely.

It helps to improve blood circulation by reducing blood clotting causing fibrin descrease of the thinkness of the blood.
Researches show it is able to improve the muscle contractions of the heart and distend the coronary arteries


It promotes blood circulation by removing blood stasis, causes resuscitation by means of aromatics, regulates vital energy to alleviate pain and to improve angina pectoris.

Fu Fang Dan Shen Pian/ support heart and cardiovascular health 复方丹参片


Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae(Dan shen)
Radix Notoginseng(San qi)

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