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Kun Bao Wan provides fast and effective herbal relief for menopause symptoms. This 100% herbal natural menopause treatment has shown fantastic results in 2-4 weeks.


Modern medicine can often fail to successfully treat the symptoms of menopause or does so with harsh side effects that many women are unhappy with. Kun Bao Wan is based on traditional Chinese formulas and has been modified for further effectiveness by famous Beijing-based TCM doctors.


Kun Bao Wan is recommended for female menopause syndrome caused by liver and kidney Yin deficiency, with hot flashes sweating, insomnia, forgetfulness, upset, irritability, dizziness, tinnitus and joint pain symptoms.


100% High Quality Natural Herbal Ingredients



Peony (White), Lycium Root Bark, Poria, Lycium Fruit ,Oryza (Sprouted) ,Polygonatum (Siberian Solomon Seal) ,Scutellaria , Chrysanthemum ,Dragon Bone (Fossil) ,Moutan ,Oyster Shell



Regulates hormones levels and balances, stops insomnia, restlessness, nourishes your yin part to regain the Yin-Yang balance. Promotes blood circulation to maintain a normal metabolism. Can Relieve stress, irritability, anxiety, severe palpitations, insomnia, dreaminess and amnesia.

Kun Bao Wan / Menopausal Syndrome 坤宝丸


At Care Cure we want you to be satisfied with the product you have purchased from us. If you are unhappy with your purchase, please email us within 10 working days of receipt of the product stating the reason why you are not happy with your purchase. Once we reply, please return the product in its original condition unopened and unused within 21 working days of purchase.  The customer will pay return postage costs as is standard policy. If you have any queries before purchase please contact us and one of our practitioners will be more than happy to advise you.

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