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Moxa sticks made solely and exclusively with pure Artemis.
It is used for indirect moxibustion.


How to use moxa stick at home


  • Prepare the Area:

    • Choose a well-ventilated room, as moxibustion can produce smoke.
    • Place a clean, non-flammable surface for the ash to fall onto, such as an ashtray or a metal container.
  • Position Yourself:

    • Sit or lie down comfortably in a relaxed position.
  • Select the Acupoint:

    • If you're practicing moxibustion for a specific purpose, such as pain relief or improving energy flow, you may choose specific acupoints. Consult with a healthcare professional or an acupuncturist for guidance on appropriate points.
  • Light the Moxa Stick:

    • Hold the moxa stick at a 45-degree angle and use a lighter or matches to ignite the end.
    • Allow the moxa to burn for a moment until it forms a small, glowing ember.
  • Hold the Moxa Stick:

    • Hold the moxa stick about 1 to 2 inches away from the skin. Be cautious not to burn yourself.
  • Move the Stick in Circles:

    • Move the moxa stick in small circles or other patterns over the selected acupoint. This should create a warm sensation without causing discomfort.
  • Monitor the Heat:

    • Pay attention to the heat sensation. If it becomes too intense or uncomfortable, move the moxa stick further away from the skin or extinguish it.
  • Extinguish the Moxa Stick:

    • When you're done, extinguish the moxa stick by tapping it into the ashtray or a container. Make sure it's fully extinguished before leaving it unattended.
  • Dispose of Ash:

    • Dispose of the ash in a safe manner. Be cautious, as moxa ash can remain hot for a while.

Moxibustion stick / 1pc

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