For channels and collaterals disorder,blood heat and dried caused eczema,rubella,scarlatina, itchy skin, freckles and acne, acne rosacea, sore and ulcer swollen and poison, scabies, athlete's foot, dizziness,constipation.

Pi Fu Bing Xue Du Wan

  • Indian Madder Root ,Peach Seed ,Schizonepeta,tenusfolia Briq., Snake Slough ,Red Peony Root,Chinese Angelica Root ,lalang grass rhizome ,Belvedere Fruit,Siberian Cocklebur Fruit,Rehmannia Root, Fructus Forsythiae,Honeysuckle Flower,Bunge Corydalis Herb,Glabrous Greenbrier Rhizome,Amur Cork-tree,Chinese Honeylocust Spine,Platycodon Root,Motherwort Herb,Bitter Apricot Seed,Bitter Apricot Seed,Divaricate Saposhnikovia Root, Indian bread pink epidermis, Peony Root,Cicada Slough,Great Burdock Achene,Tree peony Bark,Densefruit Pittany Root-bark,Prepared Rehmannia Root,Rhubarb Radix et,Honeysuckle Stem, Radix arnebia seu Lithospermi,Paniculate Bolbostemma,Szechwan Lovage Rhizome,Liquorice Root,Dahurian Angelica Root,Muskroot-like Semiaquilegia Root,Kadsura Root-Bark, Suberect Spatholobus,Common Ducksmeat Herb ,Safflower.

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