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Indulge yourself a little with a Saffron Foot Soak. In Traditional Chinese medicine, soaking your feet daily not only feels good but can help promote blood circulation and enhance the flow of energy in your body. Saffron is an excellent source of nutrients that supports healing and exfoliation.

It can help remove dead cells and help with cracked heals due to its skin softening properties. Saffron can also help keep your skin hydrated. A perfect way to treat your feet!


How to use: 

Immerse 2-3 sachets of powder into 1-2 litre of boiling water in a foot tub and stir well for 2-3 minutes.

Add a moderate amount of warm water and regulate the mixture to the preferred temperature.
Lastly, soak both feet for 10-15 minutes into the mixture for optimum results before wiping clean. Recommended temperature of the mixture is 42°C to 45°C.

Not suitable for pregnant ladies and infants. Caution use for sensitive skin. For external use only.

Saffron Foot Soak Powder / 藏红花泡脚粉

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