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Introducing Yi Guan Jian tea granules, a powerful Chinese herbal blend designed to enrich Kidney and Liver Yin and spread Liver Qi.


This formula is specifically crafted to address qi stagnation of the liver that is secondary to yin deficiency. It's a potent tool in managing symptoms such as acid reflux and gastric ulcers, as well as pain in the flanks or chest.


Moreover, Yi Guan Jian tea granules are beneficial for those experiencing signs of yin deficiency or dryness. This includes symptoms such as dry mouth or thirst, a red, dry tongue, a thin or deficient pulse, or heat in "the five palms" (palms of the hands, soles of the feet, and chest).


Yi Guan Jian tea granules are not just about addressing symptoms, though. They're about restoring balance and harmony within your body. By enriching Kidney and Liver Yin and spreading Liver Qi, this formula helps to promote optimal health and well-being.


Experience the power of ancient wisdom and modern wellness with Yi Guan Jian tea granules. They're more than just an herbal supplement; they're a step towards a healthier, more balanced you.

Yi guan jian tea granules / The Liver Reinforcing Decoction /一贯煎颗粒

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