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Acupuncture for Sinus Conditions

Asthma, Hay Fever, Bronchitis, Colds & Flu, Sinitis, Laryngitis, Sore Throat, Allergies

Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs to treat Sinus Infections

The combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbs is a highly effective way to treat both the symptoms and the root cause of your sinusitis. Our practitioners stimulate the small channels that connect the sinuses to the nasal passages. Stimulating these congestion points increases blood flow to your sinuses and loosens mucus . This allows the mucus to drain into the nose from the sinuses and allows air to flow into the sinuses from the nose. It can also stimulate the body’s ability to dissolve phlegm, fight infection and build strength. 

Sinusitis or sinus infection is inflammation of the air cavities within the passages of the nose. Tiny holes that connect your nasal passages to your sinuses get blocked. It can be caused by a number of factors including colds and flu viruses, infection, polyps, allergies and irritants. If your sinuses can’t drain properly it causes inflammation and swelling around the nasal area. This can directly affect your breathing, cause pain, irritation, headaches and affect your day to day living.


Even at your first acupuncture treatment, you should feel your sinuses draining and opening up. Chinese herbs are used to reduce congestion, drain mucus and reduce heat and inflammation.

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Take Home a Free Packet of steam/ inhalation herbs with every treatment

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Maura T. (Respiratory Infection)
The respiratory infections have all cleared. The combined treatment of acupuncture, cupping and massage has improved my health.

Deirdre K. (Sinus Headaches)
Very good treatment and service. Not getting as many headaches. Would definitely recommend Care Cure.

Mary C. (Headache and Sinus)
Very happy with my treatments. As I have had symptoms for a long time, I know it will take time to get back to full health. Sinus headaches cured – new problem stomach ache for which I am now going for treatment.

Lee D. (Sinus Pain)
In total I have had 12 sessions. Fewer headaches with each session – now no headache. Sinus has cleared – no longer use over the counter medicine, nasal spray or decongestant only acupuncture and herbal remedy. Also used to feel cold – now never cold. Overall excellent results – am very pleased – feel great and healthy and full of energy. Acupuncture and medical massage has been great for me.

Michael D. (Sinus)
All the treatment I found very good and helpful. I found all the visits very relaxing. I enjoyed coming for the treatments and found the staff very nice and helpful.

Jim W. (Sinus)
Definitely satisfied. Very good – instant relief from pain. Huge difference from when I started. I would definitely recommend it.

Pat C (Sinus)
Huge difference from when I started. I was in a lot of pain when I started and got great relief. Had a lot of headaches and muscle spasms but that’s gone now.

Teresa M. (Sinus)
Instant relief for sinus. Advice for ongoing improvement – energy increased.

It does'nt matter how long you have had your sinus condition or how severe it is. Chinese medicine focuses on root cause treatments and our aim is to facilitate long term healing.

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