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    TCM Workshop

    Basic Chinese Medicine Class

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) & Acupuncture offers a unique perspective on the nature of health & illness that is different from  that of the western perspective. 


TCM emphasizes the importance of prevention over cure. In this course, you will learn the basic theories of TCM and how to put them into  practice.


Chinese medicine is rooted in the idea that human beings should 

live in harmony with the environment that surrounds us.


Each season offers a new opportunity to connect with the natural 

cycles of the planet. You can take your cues from the plants and 

animals around you, to better understand how your bodies might

 be feeling. This allows you to choose activities that will be optimal for your mental and physical health.

This TCM class will highlight the importance of seasonal diets and 

how to cope with seasonal allergies and associated health problems. Be on your way to improving and maintaining your health.

The teacher is awarded with certificate in Traditional Chinese Medicine, who is able to offer a full range of Chinese medicine service including herb medicines, acupuncture and moxibustion, acupressure, cupping, point application of drugs, Chinese medicated diet, reflexology and life cultivation.

Price: Euro 120 / person
Euro ? per additional person

(Including expert fee, class room space and material cost)  


We will have weekly and monthly class for different topics.
Class is 2hrs and price includes all tickets admission to all sites listed.


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