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video testimonials

Thank you Martin for this wonderful video testimonial.
Many people are still unaware of just how effective Chinese Medicine can be & testimonials like this can be incredibly helpful. 

Digestive issues can greatly effect the regulation and balance of internal systems which manifest as a wide range of symptoms that can greatly effect quality of life. Fair play to Ciaran for giving us his time and being kind enough to give us this testimonial to let other people know that acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) can help.

Thanks Max for this video testimonial. Max had a number of treatments at our Galway Clinic and found that he benefited greatly in overall health.

Thank you so much Bella for giving us this video testimonial. Bella attended our clinic in Galway and has seen a remarkable improvement in her knee condition, has improved energy levels and simply glows.

Thanks a million Ben! So many people suffer from back or shoulder pain due to injury and experience long term relief following Chinese medicine treatments. We really appreciate you taking the time to give us this testimonial.

Thank you Francis. Francis came to us for treatment because she had a flu like cold, blocked sinuses and was feeling low on energy. She felt and looked great following treatment.

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