Natural Chinese Herbal Remedies

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine has been used for over two thousand years. This knowledge of plant based prevention and healing, using bark, leaf, stem, root and flower is used to treat a vast range of conditions. Here we will look at three ancient herbal combinations for immune enhancement, difficulty sleeping and full body detox.

Yu Ping Feng San - Immune System Boost

Chinese medicine doctors, acupuncturists and consumers worldwide turn to Yu Ping Feng San as the natural and effective way to boost immunity. This natural supplement is comprised of three simple yet powerful herbs that boost the immune system. Astragalus Root, Siler root and Bai-zhu are considered to be an effective immune tonic herb in stabilizing and strengthening the protective ‘Qi’ in your body.This herb is often recommended for Sinitus and Hay Fever. Buy Yu Ping Feng San